Lange Luntao is the Executive Director of the Reinvent Stockton Foundation, a charitable organization that aims to expand opportunity and build hope by attracting resources into Stockton and investing in our city's people. A third-generation teacher who was born and raised in Stockton (and a proud Lincoln high school grad), Lange is an honors graduate of Harvard University, an Education Pioneers Alumnus, and recipient of a Fulbright Fellowship to Malaysia.


Lange's father was born in the Philippines and my mother in the Midwest, but both of their families came to the Central Valley united by the shared hope that, through hard work, they could achieve part of the American dream. Like many young people growing up in Stockton, he was often told that to be successful he needed to get out of our city, and after high school he earned a scholarship to attend Harvard University and a Fulbright Fellowship to teach English. But following in his parents’ footsteps, he returned to Stockton in 2012 to become a high school teacher. he taught social studies for four years and earned a clear teaching credential.


Lange returned to Stockton in 2012 to work in public service and education - first as the Field Director for the successful campaign to elect Michael Tubbs to the Stockton City Council, as an Early College Sociology Teacher/Teach for America Corps Member at Aspire Langston Hughes Academy, and as a founding volunteer educator with the Stockton "us" history program, an ethnic-studies after school program for high school students in his hometown. In 2016, Lange was elected to the Stockton Unified School Board in (as the first out gay man elected in the San Joaquin Valley) and he served as President of the Board in 2019. In addition, Lange currently serves or has served on the boards of the Harvard Asian American Alumni Association, California Cradle to Career Data System Operations WorkgroupLittle Manila Rising, Placeholder Arts Collective, Third City Coalition, and the Stockton Urban Revitalization Fellowship.


Lange enjoys traveling with his partner Jason, running, skiing, and looks forward to the day when we have reversed the brain drain from our beautiful city.